Bitcoin ETF, Perspective on Blockchain and Coins, Robert Kiyosaki!

Bitcoin ETF and Big $$$ Investor’s Perspective// Please Subscribe, Smash The Like, Hit the Bell & Comment Below. It Has No Value To You But Has Great Value To Me. 🙂


Coinmarketcap – 220 Billion. Down 30 Billion!!

Bitcoin ETF News – Decision from SEC postponed for another 45 days or so.

Investor’s Perspective – Would you invest millions of $$$ in a market that is volatile and obvious manipulation is happening? I think not until SEC can level the playing field more.

Robert Kiyosaki – 3 types of money – God’s Money, Government’s Money, and The People’s Money.

Crypto Fear and Greed Index – 23. More fear due to Volatility.

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