I worked with a few devs and made a free risk analysis tool that integrates bitmex positions and coin holdings. No transaction limit.


I traded in traditional finance for a little over a decade before switching to crypto in jan 2017. One thing that always bugged me was that there were no good tools that netted my futures vs my holdings for a true picture of my risk.

We built a tool that does that for free. It does the calcs to get from your bitmex position to the correct exposure by coin. BTCUSD, ETHUSD quantos, ETHBTC futures (you get an ETH position and a BTC position when you trade this).

Then once we built that, we want to add a professional risk tool to get risk metrics like 1% VaR, 5% VaR and annual expected standard deviation. We built a historical simulator that bootstraps a distribution of daily returns for your portfolio from historical results.

Some pics.

The risk tool: [https://imgur.com/y6YgkpU](https://imgur.com/y6YgkpU)
The portfolio view: [https://imgur.com/3yZBIEy](https://imgur.com/3yZBIEy)

our site if you want to get it: [https://settle.finance](https://settle.finance) (we’re live)

PS- im a cofounder of this thing, not a marketing rep. if you have any questions, ill give you the best answer i can.



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