Look at the top 300+ Crypto Map – you still think blockchain platforms are good investments?

In the process of building a [tool to compare coins](https://matchcoins.info/) by market cap (to estimate their potential), we ran into a problem of identifying comparable coins, i.e. competing projects. Therefore, we decided to categorize top cryptocurrencies by industry/field they operate in.
Categories file with 300+ crypto map is [here](https://matchcoins.info/300-crypto-map-matchcoins-info.pdf).


After going through 300+ coins’ websites, reviews and sometimes even whitepapers, one by one, we’ve noticed a few issues:

* There’s a lot of projects but only a small number of them solve real-world problems. There are so many similar projects without any use cases, or potential real users.
* Most coins aim to solve the same problems and focus on the same broad use cases.
* A large number of projects claim to be “better, faster, bigger, etc.” yet fail to provide any sustainable competitive advantage
* With a few exceptions, the vast majority of blockchain platforms (Smart contracts and dApps) don’t offer clear significant benefits against the established players. In addition, they don’t provide services that would help attract new users, e.g. helping them integrate users’ products into the platform, and they don’t suggest any other ways of how they will attract a critical number of users. This will likely result in a large number of zombie platforms serving small numbers of companies.
* Similarly, only top3, maybe top5 projects within each category should dominate, while the rest would struggle to attract users or cease to exist, unless they pivot to focus on specific small niches within their markets
* Many projects fail to clearly communicate what they actually do and why they exist, i.e. what are their benefits against competition. In some cases, we needed to really go deep into their whitepapers or even discussion boards to understand what they actually do.
* In cases when a project aims to solve a specific problem, it seems to have much lower market cap potential compared to crypto projects that are impossible to link to traditional companies or industries
* Top 3 categories of the reviewed projects: Finance (29%), Digital cash (21%), Smart contracts and dApps (16%)

**Categories** ([check the 300+ crypto map](https://matchcoins.info/300-crypto-map-matchcoins-info.pdf))

Categories are available on MatchCoins.info, currently as a feature of coin comparison. In addition, we’ve assembled all the top projects into a Crypto Map for you to see the big picture here. Enjoy! If you have any suggestions, we’d appreciate your feedback.

**MatchCoins.info tool**

MatchCoins.info is a cryptocurrency comparison and research tool. Use it to:
1. Estimate the potential of a coin by adjusted market cap and total/circulating supply
2. Check coin’s major competitors and how they compare in relevant categories


The coins have been categorized based on our own research and opinions. Information is provided merely for informational purposes and cannot be treated as investment advice.

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