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Digital Land for Sale: New AR Asset Enters Blockchain Market

The Arcona augmented reality (AR) ecosystem has a lot on offer in April. The project has already developed state-of-the-art algorithms and received great feedback from experts and blockchain enthusiasts. Almost 7,000 people have joined the Arcona community.

The first digitalized zones will appear in 10 of the world’s largest megacities: New York, Rome, Paris, London, Tokyo, Beijing, St. Petersburg, Barcelona, Mexico City and Istanbul. A few of Arcona’s ICO participants already own plots of Digital Land. For example, in December 2017, a New York-based tech journalist obtained more than 328 feet in a Soho neighborhood.

Digital Land: What’s the market value?

The Arcona ecosystem, based on blockchain technology, has created a truly revolutionary asset called Digital Land. You can buy, sell, rent or donate it, or launch your own business or create an art project on it. The only difference between real land and this Digital Land is that the land you own is located in an AR layer being created and integrated across the globe.

Arcona’s Digital Land project represents a virtual impression of the planet’s surface tied to specific locations in the physical world, which is prepared for the remote placement of 3D content. So, even if you’re in New York, you can easily acquire a piece of digital land in the center of Mexico City and run an interactive exhibit there, without leaving your office.

But how can the liquidity of this new asset be determined? It’s very simple.

Let’s take London as an example. Its population exceeds 8.5 million people and an additional 19 million tourists visit every year. They are all potential customers. An innovative and high-quality AR project in a popular location can attract thousands of spectators providing ample opportunity to produce significant advertising income. Large audiences might be enticed by the launch of a virtual theme park or the broadcast of an exclusive pay-per-view show. It’s a standard business model: the reality is the only thing that’s different.

Real Profit in the Virtual World

If creative AR experiments aren’t your thing, you can still get involved by selecting plots in top business districts, historical centers and shopping areas. Such locations will always be in demand by those who want to develop interactive businesses. Therefore, there are great rental and leasing opportunities. Arcona will digitize lands with the greatest potential first.

Only participants of Arcona’s ICO will be able to purchase the most appealing Digital Land plots. Before Arcona tokens are released to stock exchanges, many closed auctions will be held with a starting price as low as 1 token per square meter of Digital Land.

The Arcona token is the basis of the system’s economy and its single internal currency. It opens access not only to digital land trading, but also to all functions and services within the Arcona ecosystem: 3D content trading, the design and presentation of AR projects and the opportunity to participate in the development of the ecosystem itself.

Creating a Community of Creators

There are significant advantages to joining the ecosystem earlier rather than later. Tapping into the roots of blockchain, Arcona proposes to make certain early decisions through consensus. The initial community of tokenholders will be able to vote on the sequence of land digitization, for the implementation of certain platform projects and to moderate disputes and resolutions.

All token owners will be able to offer technical and creative solutions to improve the platform’s overall performance. At the same time, the use of smart contracts will guarantee the intellectual property and copyright of each participant. The openness of blockchain technology along with smart contracts provides additional assurances for Arcona’s Digital Lands ownership rights, ensuring that all transactions within the system are reliable and transparent.

Arcona’s ICO launches on April 15. All participants will automatically be entered into a drawing for unique prizes. In March, a plot of Digital Land in the center of Tokyo was awarded to Yuri Dyatlov.

“My next trip to Japan and Tokyo is planned for late 2018,” Dyatlov said. “I might be coming to an unfamiliar country, but there’s already of plot of my own land waiting for me.”

In April a plot in Tokyo next to the famous Sensō-ji temple (金龍山浅草寺 Kinryū-zan Sensō-ji) in the Asakusa district went to Jhen de la Cruz. It’s a part of an ancient Buddhist monastery dating back to the 6th century, long before the modern city of Tokyo was founded.

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